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About Us

Central Capital Ventura (CCV) is the venture and innovation arm of Indonesia's largest private bank, Bank Central Asia. We are early-stage venture capital investors, committed to investing in and working  hand-in-hand with daring entrepreneurs striving to define the future of financial services in Indonesia. Our goal is to leverage synergies and entrepreneurial innovation in order to empower our ecosystem and support Indonesia's growth.

As the corporate venture capital arm of one of Indonesia's most trusted and respected financial institutions, the CCV team is uniquely positioned as strategic investors into the nation's top fintech gateways. Ours is an ambitious goal of advancing one of Indonesia's most paramount industries, and thus we take pride in serving the people alongside the bravest and most passionate of founders.

At CCV, we are guided by our history, but defined by our vision of the future.

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Committed to

a legacy of

trust and wisdom

Relentless in our

pursuit for financial enablement

Always humbled

in the face of great entrepreneurial heroism

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Central Capital Ventura invests in early-stage companies with a focus on Fintech, Fintech-enabling, and Embedded Fintech solutions.

We join forces with teams that have the potential to add synergistic value

to our larger ecosystem.

To align with our mission of serving the Indonesian people, we invest in local and global solutions that can bring their talents and innovations into Indonesia.

Investment Mandate

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