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Wagely: Senior Software Engineer

Job Location

Jakarta, Indonesia

Job Type


Published Date

Aug 17, 2021


• Lead & contribute to impactful projects from start to finish

• Write, review and ship code, design docs, experiments, and data analysis

• Collaborate with other across the company from product, design, and data to

sales, compliance and customer support

• Mentor and teach other engineers, particularly in your areas of expertise


• You have 5 years+ experience in software engineering, as a rough heuristic. More

importantly meaningful experience in building, shipping –and growing– non-trivial

products and services. Ideally, also experience in leading projects and/or teams

• Expertise in some part of the stack, and a broad understanding of the rest.

• You have a sound understanding of micro services and modular architecture

• You have a passion for your craft! You value quality across your code, communication,

and culture.

• You pay attention to the details. As far as you’re concerned, anything worth doing

is worth doing right, every single time. You stay focused and nothing falls through

the cracks on your watch

• You are pragmatic and carefully weigh tradeoffs on a case-by-case basis to

achieve the most value for your team and members.

• You understand that the road to a great product is paved with candid, but respectful,


• You think on your feet. You like learning new things, and you can learn quickly.

When things change, you know how to roll with the punches

• You bring positivity and optimism to the team each day. You are deeply but don’t

take yourself too seriously.


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