Wallex is a currency payment processor that offers a cheaper and more efficient multi-currency payments option to SMEs for cross-border business transactions.


Element’s biometric platform includes state-of-art facial recognition and palm recognition products, operating at globally-leading performance levels (higher than fingerprint sensors).


Pomona is an ad-platform that aims to track media spending for companies. Pomona incentivizes consumers to perform a call to action (click a link, scan QR code, point smartphones to listen to radio/TV) by giving them a cashback when purchasing a product.


Akseleran is a crowdfunding P2P platform. Akseleran connects SME borrowers that need loans to develop their business to a society of crowd lenders.


OY! Indonesia simplifies financial services by providing an interbank transfers for B2B and B2C.


KlikAcc is a P2P lending company which business model is an anchor base B2B model, channeling fund to SME’s through its principal or distributors.


Qoala provides online-only micro insurance products that focuses on consumption-risk products, such as late flight insurance, e-commerce return shipping insurance, and ride-sharing insurance.


AirWallex is building a global digital payment network that connects businesses for a cheaper and faster cross border payments transfer. Key strategic differentiator in the cross-border payments is access to local clearing via local banking channels. Contrary to swift, AirWallex's access to local clearing channels offers predictability and lower transaction costs which make the cross-border payment more effective.


6Estates is a Singapore AI Fintech company that uses advanced technologies to understand business-level complex documents and domain-specific knowledge graph construction. 


Silot utilizes  AI-platforms to empower banks and revolutionizes the banking ecosystem.


National Payment Gateway (NPG) is a system to electronically process payment transactions through various instruments, including ATM/debit cards, electronic money and credit cards.


Julo Finance is a consumer marketplace lending platform that provides the unbankable consumer access to capital via channeling of institutional funds. Using big data and machine learning, Julo aims to promote financial inclusion.


Impact Credit Solutions (ICS) is a credit aggregator for consumers & SMEs lending by providing credit to online lending platforms that focus on SME and consumer lending.


Bambu is a B2B digital wealth management platform. Bambu offers their robo-advisory solutions for financial institutions to help their customers save and invest.